Tuesday, February 01, 2011

A state of being

Being a Compassionate human being or Vegan is not really activism, aggression, fanaticism or shoving ideals down your own and everyone else's throat.

It is just a state of being, a state of consciously making a choice, a state of knowing. As human beings, we have been endowed with this complex and unlimited capacity brain and we use only a part of it.

It takes some time to transition into the compassionate state, but once you are there, things just fall into place. If I stop at every automatic action for a few seconds and think about how that action affects anyone or any living things and then make a decision, that decision will inevitably be compassionate.

Every house cleaning supply automatically picked up at the grocery store.. a stop of a few seconds, and you will look for the kind to animals and the environment options. That one stop, just once..
The diamond ring I want, I stop for a few seconds and I started looking for vintage and recycled options.., who wants to wear a blood diamond on their body! .. That stop.. just once...

A stop.. just once.. a thought.. for a few seconds.. and a state of being..