Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sunny Saturday

it is so bright that its hurting my eyes.. yes, thats what happens to seattleites when its gets nice and sunny after a few grey days.

The anniv gift code word "chocolate bread" for sis reached. We actually sent them an xbox+kinect.. i dont think it has sunk in yet. She asked me if we were sure we sent it for them :D

time to get the cleaning started and then later write up on Bringing Fido home series-the first few days on the other blog!

I dont know why I dread the house cleaner so much. Probably coz of the amount of noise involved in the cleaning and it goes on for about 2 hours. I should probably get them to come on random days for just half an hour.. but i dont think it will work very well that way.. uhhh. Just anoher more hour..

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