About Me

I live in Seattle with my hubby and a fluffball named Chewie. Been here for more than 5 years now. 
Hypnagogic is the random life blog and Vegan Richa is my hobby(baking, cooking, recipes) blog.  
I keep the about section on Vegan Richa updated

I started up my cooking experiments once I took over most of the daily cooking from Vivek, who had been our resident chef in 2007(mid 2007 to early 2008 when I was not able to do much of anything). The problem with experimenting with dinner dishes is that, even if the dish comes out good, we might just not like it taste wise. And that puts the dinner at risk. So i thought and thought and picked up baking. Baking helps me make extra dishes/snacks/breakfast/tea-time things which can always be substituted with something else if the taste buds reject the final product:)

I am a health nut and constantly strive to reduce the butter and sugar required in most baked goods. I am not a by the book cook or a stickler for measurements. So most recipes can be tweaked for your own palate.

I am out of work (software developer and am i so happy about that!), recovering(almost fully recovered as much as I could:)) from a Craniotomy done in 2006 to remove a meningioma(brain surgery to remove a tumor) just before I turned 28. I am trying to think up some other completely different career options to pursue:).

I am a foster parent for a Dog Rescue (Gingers Death Row Rescue) and also with the Seattle Humane Society , Though I mostly end up fostering dogs from the Death Row rescue, since I cant really handle big dogs yet. I still have some balance issues and fostering and baking are helping me get back on my feet! I was fostering till mid 2010, then was hit by panic disorder(PTSD) brought on most likely by the follow up MRI. Everything is clear, but my brain refuses to listen :) So I am working on calming it down and getting life back on track. You can read my daily blab on Hypnagogic .

My right eye nerves were affected during the surgery so that limits my reading, writing, browsing in general, online or books. I do read a lot of blogs intermittently and some books a couple of pages at a time, but since the eyes get tired very easily, I am not so active in the world of blogging, connecting and commenting! So my blogs usually sits around in its own world being happy and content!  Though I am slowly trying to get more out there.

I do walk with a slightly different gait and I am usually not able to keep a continuous eye contact. Obviously, it takes me a bit more time to open up to people. The blogs and my writing things here sometimes makes it easier.

I am also trying to raise awareness about cruelty towards all living things, animals and the environment.  Check out some of my efforts, research, alternatives on the Index and links page on  Hypnagogic .  

God Bless!

-Richa Hingle-Garg
Email- richahingle (at) gmail (dot) com