Friday, May 15, 2015


Its hard living with limited abilities. More often that not, I have to make peace with the fact that I wont be able to do something and that the rest of the family can. Most of the time, its just hubbs and me and he tries to make sure that we do some other activities that I like and I can do, to balance out his other activities, which he does alone. But when family is visiting, the things that I can do with them outside home dwindles to almost nothing (usual tourism = crowd + noise = not for me). It sucks sitting at home and it sucks more. It is hard for regularly abled/active people to make time and adjustments for the limitedly abled, and that is understandable, though often frustrating.

Is the key to happiness with any situation just acceptance?. Acceptance of what things are and not wanting more. And if that is so, how do I get there....

Friday, May 08, 2015


Fridays are Fridays. I always want to start the weekend early. So I call hubbs after 6 pm to check when he will get home. And he is always in some kind of get together. And every time its a new reason.

- someone is leaving the group
- someone is leaving the company
- someone just joined the company
- someone has been there for too long so he is celebrating
- someone completed their first year so they are celebrating
- its an intern party
- it was sunny
- the product shipped
- the product did not ship
- the demo went well
- the demo did not happen and everyone was there
- we got a new kegerator 
- the kegerator had not been used in a week, so we had to do something
- met someone after 5 years, so had to have a drink
- fought with someone so had to cool down
- the week went especially well
- met someone in the elevator who was leaving the company
- there was vegan beer
- there were vegan cup cakes
- the recent most. it was sunny, went on bike, bike died in the middle of I-90

and it continues!