Saturday, June 11, 2016

Coining new trendy terms of exploitation

What the hell is veggan , seagan, vb6, seaganism!

I get emails about many new book releases because of the blog. There seems to be a trend these days to create your own labels and terms for the way one eats. Especially because certain terms are trending way more than others, like vegan. Often people want to associate in some way with it for the cool trendy factor. The term people come up with often doesn't even exist and is just plain offensive.

veggan - vegan who eats eggs. There is already a term for that Ovo-vegetarian. 
Seagan - Seafood + vegan. There is already a term for that pescatarian.

Here is how most of the PR mails read ...
Sticking to a strict vegan diet can be a challenge – some occasionally fall off the wagon, some are looking for a less militant but still very healthy diet, and some might want to try it out without going whole hog at once. For them, we’d suggest trying seaganism.".

You might want to research the blogger you are sending these mails to. If you find the lifestyle militant, why even use that to describe something that already has another label? Why would an ethical vegan be interested in reviewing and supporting something like this?