Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays from all of us!

Ginger's Pet Rescue presents....

"Our 2009 Christmas Dog"

"Meet Princess Grace !"

* Christmas Day is almost here & even on holidays we never stop our 24/7 rescue work !

Here is a wonderful Christmas Miracle for a lucky dog named Grace ~ a 9 year old Black and White Chihuahua.

Grace was found lost in the raging 800 acre San Bernadino Forest Fires.

A firefighter found her shivering against a tree and brought her to the local shetler.

The shetler immediately wanted to euthanize her because of her ugly teeth and

her age being 9 yrs old and they also felt she was unadoptable and no one would ever want or love her.

Our rescue team saw the beauty in this adorable little girl felt the urgent need to save her !

We had her vetted, added Princess on to her name & had her transported up to Seattle!

Now the good news is Princess Grace just got adopted out today!

Joan the foster mom has decided to adopt Grace & give her a forever

wonderful home for the rest of her life !!!


This past year, Ginger's Pet Rescue have taken in so many special need dogs that are deaf, blind,

one eyed, 3 legged and many senior dogs with huge medical issues.

They all required special care while our vet bills continue to grow !

For the Holidays ~ if you can you help donate $ 5.00 or $ 10.00 to help us to save

more special need dogs ~ we would be so grateful !!!

* You can either PayPal us on our website:

Or mail your donation 322 North 105th * Seattle, WA 98133.

This would be the best Christmas gift anyone could ever give us !

* Thank You and Happy Holidays ~ From Ginger & all the Dogs.