Friday, February 11, 2011

frigid friday

it was cold in the morning today.. getting warmer now..

trying to decide if I want to call my house cleaner tomorrow or not.. its like a day thing, she comes and makes a bunch of noise.. all the hurry to finish up.. the house is usually inaccessible for the 2 hours.. and it just not fun.
Though I love the eventual outcome of the nice deep cleaning of each and every corner of the house.. I definitely have to find a way to get more comfortable with the whole event.

And mostly I dont feel like doing anything else on the day of the cleaning, coz it is soo stressful already and i like the weekend to be nice and light..
oh well.. small things i have to deal with.. which might not even register on a normal persons schedule.. almost like background noise... not so for me..

on a good note.. Yayy its friday.. weekend almost here...

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