Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Its May and we have a dog!! Chewie, the latest addition to our family has been with us for 2 months now!! and we hope he will continue to stay on..

We have been keeping pretty busy with him., getting to know him and teaching him new things.

He loves to play catch me if you can, esp with Vivek, because he is the only one who can catch him:). he runs like a bullet. i have to fool him with treats if I want to catch him.
He loves attention, so he growls if people just pass him by without saying hello :) He loves to dance too. my mom is visiting and she just has to ask him if he wants to dance and he readily climbs on her and they do the waltz..:):) He loves to cuddle.. and loves the comforter more than his bed .

Chewie is this cute jumping furball and we are trying really hard to not spoil him with too much love:).