Monday, November 27, 2006


It is snowing outside and it is so beautiful. It is also amazingly cold and i am not supposed to stay out for long, but it is so beautiful! We went out and spent some 5 minutes going crazy with the snow! The snow is floating away and i can see all of this from my balcony. It is amazing. Seattle downtown covered in snow!!!.

I got a haircut the other day and now i have super short hair. I was having trouble getting my original hair to settle down after the surgery coz they were all matted with blood and all a mess, so i just decided to cut them off and grow all back together. Of course the short do feels good and everyone seems to like it, it is definitely better than the wierd messy half bald look. Soon it will grow back to a length i like. If i go out right now, i will look like i got a snow crew cut or something!!:)

Snow on the grass, snow on the road, snow on the cars, snow floating away.. snow, snow, snow!!!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

At home recovery!

We got discharged on nov 20th and are now settling in the home routine. People say that the surgery is the most difficult part and the rest is easier. I think the surgery is definitely the difficult part, but for the docs, and the recovery is the difficult part for the patient. :) I was knocked out for the complete surgery and some more hours after that, so that did not need any patience and work. The recovery on the other hand is going to be super slow and will need a lot of patience.

Recap of why i needed to have this tumor resection surgery on nov 14:

The surgery went fine and as everyone else around tells me, all off my tumor got removed, no wierd things happened, like no leaks and no damage to the things.. touch wood. I could get up and sit on the third day after the surgery and walk a couple of steps on the fourth day. Of course i was yapping away immediately after i got out of the anesthesia on 14th itself. My left eye started to focus after some orientation problems on the third day. So every day is like a new day to learn some new things like a kid discovering new senses. My right eye is still a little swollen and is not open. It has started opening a litle today, but i see double when i use both the eyes:). I am hoping this is also go away in a couple of days. I am still learning to balance in different ways everyday. Still a long way to go.

I will be home recovering for another 4-6 weeks with regular appointments with docs in between. I am already getting totally pampered by mom and vivek. They are so amazingly patient with me and are always there to fulfill all my requests:).

The hospital stay was fun too!. I hated the hospital food, so all my friends set up a schedule to get me some great food everyday. All the nurses envied our room since it always smelt like an indian restaurant. I think all the good food helped with my recovery and quick discharge. Thanks to all you guys for keeping up with my demands everyday and providing such a great support structure for vivek and mom in the hospital.

And a huge hug and thanks to Vivek and Mom too for everything they are going through for this spoilt kid!. I love you two so much!.
Thank you God , please keep your hand on us all the time!!.

Thanks to everyone else for all their prayers and wishes through the surgery. Keep them coming for my quick recovery. I want to be running, driving, cooking, working asap!!.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Calendar, directions

Directions from our house to HarborView: Map
Directions from HarborView to house: Map
Vivek's assignment Calendar: Calendar

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Contact details

We are available on email-ids at gargvivek and richahingle, both at gmail. Vivek will be updating the blog during the surgery week, then I will take over again.

HarborView Medical Hospital: Map
Visiting hours for ICU: 10 a.m to 8 pm
General Ward visiting hours are probably the same. I will update the blog if otherwise.

I will be in ICU on 14th, 15th and in general ward for 3-4 days after that. All the dates are tentative depending on the recovery.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Seattle Darshan and movies!

The past few days have been a mix of some tests, lots of seattle touring, lots of movies and lots of great food. Mom has only one aim right now, and that is to feed me and feed me and make me nice and healthy (which feels like it will soon push me into the overweight section, but hopefully all the extra stuff will get used during recovery :) ). Vivek is also feeling the side effect of all the good food ;). I have been doing my part of taking her around seattle inspite of the rain. We have covered snoqualmie falls, eastside, redmond campus, international district, myrtle edwards park, kirkland waterfront and some other small things. We are planning some longer trips for the weekend which will be the last weekend we get to go out, before the surgery immobilizes me for about 3-4 weeks!.

I was trying to think of things i want to do after the surgery and even later and somehow I cannot think that far. I guess I have to clear this big event before things get back in control and my thoughts get aligned. The anxiety levels will soon start to get higher with the D-day coming up. But vivek and mom are really helping a lot. I love you both for being here and entertaining this naughty brat. Oh yeah I have been very very naughty and I am usually a brat coz i can afford to be one right now:)

A new thing I learnt about us engineers is that, we are usually so in control and independent type of people, that an event like this which needs us to let go of all control becomes really difficult to handle. My anesthesia nurse told me this, that the most trouble she has is with engineers, so let go and trust all the people around you:).

Vivek will soon be putting up a calendar for all the volunteers to help out during our hospital stay. I will be keeping Vivek at my side 24/7, so we definitely will need help to drive people and deliver food sometimes etc.

Please do pray for my quick recovery!. Of course, I will love tons of visitors once i am in my senses after the surgery, so please dont hesitate to drop by!. As you must have noticed by now, i love all the extra attention !!:)