Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Sun!

Yup, finally the sun is peaking out of the clouds today.

Hubbs work load went down from the weekend and shockingly he remembered our anniversary day and blocked off his calendar.

The usual monday counselling and thankfully I could speak much more. I usually cannot speak continuous sentences if too anxious, mostly because I am trying to regulate my breathing and speaking gets in the way :) . But even after 6 months, most days I am not comfortable at the therapy. Its one of those places I guess, like a hospital, you can never associate happy memories with it.

Ready to hit the bed now. Brushed chewchew fluff's teeth. Put a reminder to take pictures of the Orange Blueberry bread so I can put up a post on the food blog. Another reminder to film a video of chew's toothbrushing routine to put up on the pet blog! all done..

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