Saturday, February 26, 2011

Morning mess

Green Mung Daal all over the kitchen counters and floor.. bad daal packets.!

Chewie is not interested in the clean up.. good for him. I dont know what the raw daals will do to his tummy!
Clean up and cooking time. Lunch ..Cauliflower and Potatoes with crispy Cilantro tempering and Nigella seeds(Dhania Waale Aloo gobi). Fennel(Saunf) and Nigella seeds(Kalonji) are my current faves to temper most veggies. Tried Brown Rice Dosas yesterday.. turned out decent! Plain white rice is not much fun anymore, too much sudden sugar high.. not fun for me!

I know I sound like a finicky eater.. You would be too if you had deal with jitters coz of the food and nausea pretty much everyday..
Hey, I am sure some of you remember how much cantaloupe(kharbuja) i consumed in the hospital.. probably 2 a day, everyday... eat what works!

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