Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Its February!

The other day I was talking to vivek about keeping this blog updated and the problem that i did not have much to write about. He rightly pointed out that it is infact good that I dont have much to write about. Since the blog was mostly about the crazy life around my surgery and recovery, i am surely getting better if i dont have stuff to write. Well time to change the direction of the blog then!

These days i am just trying to add something new to my daily schedule and move closer to all the things i could do before. I have definitely become a much more emotional and sensitive person after all this( as if i needed to be any more emotional). I can cry buckets over stories like Vick's dogs and their recovery and people going thru some tough times. I am sure it will go away with time.

Ofcourse i am also following the news a lot and mainly the election. Barack and Hillary are both very charismatic people. Its fun watching them talk, debate, present and fight:). I somehow side with Barack. I find Hillary a little less accesible. It feels like Barack speaks from his heart and hillary reads from a book. This is my opinion though and I am not really following each and every issue in the election.

more later!