Saturday, February 12, 2011

Last year this month

I was fostering pretty much non stop. We had another dog in the house with only a week's break between 2 fosters.. Every weekend we would be at adoption events scattered to about 30 miles away and for all afternoon. Most of the fosters got adopted in 2-3 weeks. Last year this month, I was running behind fosters who got out of their collars, dealing with excessive humping and dogs pooping in my coat pocket.

Last year this month, we were also going for short hikes(super short hikes) but they were hikes .. pretty, green and fun.

Last year this month I was reading about dog training and behavioral issues, sometimes attending orientations, and planning some dog behavior training classes..

This year this month... i am still stuck in seattle. My driving radius is 4-5 miles. Though I am a bit calmer and finding some thing that work.. It still sucks to see the graph..

Oh well.. there will always be random crap here and there. Gotta deal with it and keep moving forward..
I still have the same loving hubby from last year this month.. same fluffballl chew, who is probably a bit more spoilt this year.. same cozy house and some nice fresh breads! some other things to do, the spamming and spreading the adoption word, a new blog.. and some slow plans towards a calmer, meaningful life!

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