Saturday, January 20, 2007

I can pronounce Otolaryngologist!

.. but my nurse cannot :).

So heres the recovery update-
We went to the physical therapist and she couldnt confirm that it was BPPV. Well she did some manoevers which made the dizzyness 20 times worse that day and 10 times worse for the next few days. So we started our own research, since our PCP was stuck on either BPPV or some vestibular infection. We went and met an Otolaryngologist (ENT (Ear nose throat)) doc for checkup of my vestibular system. She couldnt find anything wrong with the hearing, or infection anywhere, so she suggested and ENG exam, which will make you 100 times dizzy during the exam, and it will just confirm that there is probably something in the balance canals in the inner ear. The solution to which is anyway to wait it out for a couple of weeks. So why put myself thru more dizzyness. We are waiting it out anyway. The other option is that the Cerobrospinal Fluid (CSF) pressure in the brain might have increased a little or something. This can be detected by a lumbar puncture, which is a fairly invasive procedure.. huh!.

We are getting another opinion from a neuro-otologist(neuro+ ear speacialist), because the CSF part was just a speculation by our ENT doc.

Till then my graph still goes up a couple of days and down a couple. The right eye also opens more some days and doesnt work so well some days. The right eye will take another month or two to get completely better, and till then using that eye anyway makes me dizzy. Slowly my brain is getting used to all of this, so overall things are definitely getting better.

The other day, when i was trying to get my nurse at the neurosurgery clinic, to get me a referral for an otolaryngologist and she couldnt pronounce it and I could:):) This is some big exposure to the medical field:)