Saturday, February 12, 2011


Alternatives to things like

Circus... a bad place, where wild animals are kept in tiny cages and tortured to do unnatural things..

Go for a safari and see those animals in a natural environment.

Seaworld... and other aquatic parks.. same as circuses. Can u imagine having just 50 sq ft to live in all your life..

Go for whale and dolphin tours.. You will see the same tricks.. but in a happy and free big ocean.

Snake charmers.... snakes taken out of their natural habitat every year, and their teeth yanked out.. and they eventually die a slow death or end up as handbags.

Go to florida everglades.. There are enough snakes, gators and other reptiles to last you a lifetime of reptilian watching pleasure.

The Cost in most cases will be the same for the alternatives to us..
But the cost to the animals is way different...

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