Monday, February 07, 2011

Me the spammer..

Well not really..

I have taken to writing to wanted ads on CL and other places pointing them to rescues and their preferred types of dogs and cats near them.

When initially i told hubbs about it, he I can just send them the petfinder main link, but after going thru the nanny interviewing process I have realized that everyone is not that net savvy and even if they are, it is a not a intuitive process for everyone to figure out a site like petfinder and a bit of a time consuming process to search on

So I send them the links with the searches, or sometimes the rescue pages and specific dog links as well.

Out of 20 mails I send, i get about 6-7 replies back and 4-5 of them are always nice and mention how they did not know about it and how it is nice to know about the rescues. And that definitely makes my day. Of course, there are always some who are rude and do not like the free advice.. but thats part of the job.

Its a sunny day today and now I am back to writing up mails and trying to optimize the whole process. After all I do have some s/w roots which automatically try to automate or optimize repetitive things ...

Also, most foster programs these days require you to foster dogs only for 2-3 weeks. Let me know if anyone is interested in fostering and i can point you to the rescue that will work for you.

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