Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Brrr.. and WA vs CA

It is cold today.. no snow yet.. and even if it does snow, it wont stick around for more than a few minutes.

I finished up writing to most people on WA CL, pointing them to the breeds, types and other preference pets they wanted. So I moved to CA, mostly LA and orange county right now.

Here are my observations about differences in both the states
- Both WA and CA have a fairly large pet population and an equally high rate of pets being dumped.
- Shelters in LA have upto 500 animals, more puppy mills and just about a big chihuahuas explosion. WA has a variety of breeds in shelters
- Wa is much more tech savvy i.e more people on craigslist and other sites and also more open to adoptions from shelters
- Down south, for some reason people are quite averse to adopting from shelters, even with the high population of pets, more choice and super low adoption fees ($30 for a dog!!). You will never find any shelter or rescue in WA with that low an adoption fee, probably because they are Not as over populated.
- The LA and OC county shelter scene is just down right depressing with huge numbers of crammed up dogs , cats and other critters.
Wish I could do more to reach all those people who do want to adopt in and around CA.

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