Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ma and her discussions

CCW: Chana chor-garam wala( roadside vendor who sells fried chickpea snacks).

CCW to Ma: aunty take some chana chor today
Ma: oh it is fried
CCW: it is good and fresh and you take it all the time
Ma: what did you fry it in
CCW: same old regular oil
Ma: which oil, kerosene?
CCW: no no peanut oil i think
Ma: tell me properly which oil
CCW: phalli oil
Ma: which phalli
CCW: soybean oil
Ma: i cant eat soybeans
CCW: but its soybean oil
Ma: I cant eat soybeans coz of thyroid problem and most likely that soybean is gmo. Is it organic soybean oil?
CCW: what is organic
Ma: ok, you lost a customer.

Me to Ma: Did you reduce your milk consumption, since 70% of all milk in india contains detergent and urea.
Ma: yes, we get it from milk man now, so it not polluted, the cows have access to a field, and we dont drink at night( 1 glass less consumption).
Me: Did you ask your milk man what the cow eats
Ma: yeah some dried fodder from his field
Me: cow should eat fresh grass

some days later after mom's  investigation.
Ma: cow goes into field once she finishes weaning calf and eats green grass
Me: where does the calf go and who decides when he is weaned ?
Ma: offo, Talk to dad

some days later
Ma: They sell bull calf to neighboring farmer
Me: are you sure?
Ma: I will get you their phone number to ask these questions