Thursday, April 23, 2009

Can we ever go Vegan

(All links are Graphic. Please be advised)

I wear my emotions on my sleeve these days. I always did so, but the sleeves used to be a bit covered up, but now they just sit out there in the open.

It is probably because i am not working. I am not using up my time and energy worrying about work, people, deadlines, and politics. I have time on my hand to click on the some stories I would normally avoid and time to read some too.

There are tons of stories on puppy mills (mass breeding operations ) and they are heart wrenching. And even more apalling is the lack of action.

Another face of inhuman treatment is factory farming ( ) in the US and the dairy industry in india )(Please dont click the link if your heart is not strong.)
Oh, and how can i forget the faux faux fur story. The faux fur products you buy here with a made in china label are actually cat and dog fur!!

It is just amazing what people can do to achieve basic needs as food to completely useless needs of entertainment(dog fights, fur industry).

What can I do? I can atleast take a stand. Raise awareness.

Try to be vegan. I am not sure how successful that will be, since we indians have too much dairy in our diet. Can i give up all the khoya sweets?.

Though the stars are in my favour. I am slightly lactose intolerant since last year. Vegan, here i come.

(note to self) Try to
- Always adopt, never buy a pet
- Think of the animal before thinking meat.
- Fur looks good, but it is usually not fake. There is some animal somewhere who was skinned alive for it.
- Take time out of the busy schedule to think of other things apart from work and home.
- Go Green!