Monday, February 07, 2011

Get back to work.. but what?

Every few months, there will be friends I will get in touch with after a long time, and the first thing most want to know is when I will get back to work.. quite an innocuous question, since most dont know what i have been upto.. but..

What work really.. I have quit software a long time ago because of several reasons like my eyes' limited capability to stare at a monitor for hours and a general loss of passion for it.

And to be able to keep myself motivated to do something else, I really need to be passionate about it.
When I started baking, my eyes would give up after a few days, or my stamina wouldnt let me do the kneading required, but i kept going, with breaks and bad dizzy spells and all.

I started fostering, and with the first dog, after a few days, I crashed again, energy and eyes. But i knew from experience that a day or 2 rest and i can be back at it again. And so it went.

I cant force myself to work s/w or some other random job and deal with the balance issues, eyes, dizzyness and so on, if there is no motivation. because I need that motivation, that passion to be able to deal with the problems the job can cause or increase. Just think about it, if you cannot sit in a boat for more than a minute, will you take the job as a boat operator? Unless, you really really love water and boats.

thats just the way it is..


  1. Man u can write - viv

  2. yeah .. i should probably convert this blog into a book!