Wednesday, March 28, 2018

2018- ing

Been a long while since i posted here. I think this space ends up getting some attention when something isnt going ok. Which means things were mostly all good since Sept!

We managed to find a caretaker, who stays with me when hubbs has long days or hikes or travel. We managed to have hubbs travel to Cal a few times. Hooray!
And just generally find more solutions for me to be able to do more things.

And then shit literally hit the fan in feb. I've been down with shit problems (digestion issues, no diagnosis yet, I am hoping its temporary, stressed coz i've been reading too much info on all the possible worst cases - crohns, uc, etc etc). Lets see how this goes. I havent really cooked much new stuff since end of feb. My taste buds are shot. I am keeping myself on a somewhat low fiber diet which eliminates a lot of foods. So if i cant eat all the foods, i dont make the foods. Sigh.

Also, why the hell does everything have to affect my balance. I mean why couldnt it just be bloating + digestion issues, why does it have to make me float and fall and not get any sleep!. ugh

See you all hopefully on the other side of this story.