Thursday, June 26, 2008

Chewie is 3 yrs old!!

It was Chewies' birthday on 25th. He is 3 yrs now.. We have to get him a new harness and some nice biscuits this weekend. probably aso his toothpaste and toothbrush.. yes you have to brush their teeth once a week or so.

Vivek says that i am definitely getting better, coz now i have started worrying about my weight and clothes. Of course, you dont care about how your hair looks or if your clothes are funny, when you can't walk from point A to point B without the fear of falling or getting super dizzy.

I just recently sorted through my overfull closet and moved the size 2 clothes into a box. i think i wil be happy getting back to 4 :). still working towards it

Another thing which has changed for good is that i am probaby less of a control freak. i was big one earlier.. one of those who want pretty much everything their way :)..
Can u imagine giving up your kitchen to your husband, who by the way had not touched the place ever.. That is one big lesson in how to let things go:):)

Of course, Chewie cannot be behind in teaching me things. He has peed on our carpet enough number of times that I dont feel bad anymore. The first few days i would go through anger and frustration and would have to calm down before explaining "no pee" to chewie. Now, it just doesnt matter. hes a dog and will aways have accidents!!

Chewie is getting naughtier everyday. He wakes up at 6 in the morning and starts whimpering, not to go out, but to be picked up on the bed. He loves curling up on our bed...

Monday, June 23, 2008

hmm 3

hmm looks like not many ppl are reading my blog...! if you are then leave some comments!

here are some new things happening this side of the world
- summer is almost here, yey! but the weather is still oscillating between warm and cold.. yuck.. not good for my allergies
- my head doesnt seem to have any numb spots anymore.. yey!..that means that now i feel everything that hits my head..
- my eye opens a lot now. probably 80% of its earlier state.. now i have to figure out which angle will work best for a good photograph
- i am finally shedding some of the pounds from last year. moms food + limited exercise = lots of pounds.. though i miss mom and her food:(

Sunday, June 01, 2008

hmm 2!

In the pic Mom and Chewie.
It seems like the same old story.. we start writing blogs.. focus on certain topics or ideas and then slowly for some reason we just run out of steam and the blog sleeps

So i am thinking about how to start this up again

I also am thinking of changing the name and changing the direction of this blog.. still in the thinking process though..

In the meantime i have listened to tons of mystery books by authors like crichton, robin cook, dan brown , vince flynn, brad thor, brain haig.. and more recently marcia muller, greg iles and j. a. jance.. (since i ran out of crichton and flynn..)
I tried a bit of non fiction but i usually fell asleep with those:)

ofcourse i cant just post this without chewie update.. he is having a lot of fun. We just gave him a bath today and he smelling all fresh french vanilla!! and getting a bunch of kisses. It feels good to be able to do stuff for another living thing and be responsible for it. i am happy that we rescued him from a shelter and introduced him to a crazy vivek :) and a cuddly me.:)

On the topic of animal rescue. About 6-8 million pets are put to sleep in the US every year. All this because people give up their pets for reasons as serious as owner death to as flimsy as moving to an apartment which does not allow pets .. duh! And the puppy mills keep on producing puppies as everyone wants to adopt a puppy. the dogs used for breeding are often put down as soon as their fertility wanes.

I dont know how to help people understand that pets are not new toys you get from a store and throw away for random reasons. They should be a part of your family and should be treated as one. Anyone considering a pet adoption should surely consider adopting from the various shelters( and save a pet.