Wednesday, February 24, 2010

testing- Cruelty free Bath and Body Revised.

Just testing my google spreadsheet here. Bear with me till I finish up the complete cruelty free list

Chowder needs help!

My name is Chowder and I was born with Mega Esophagus
I am only 8 weeks old and I was born on Feb 10, 2010 ~ I really need your help!
My esophagus has a very big enlarged area & it starts out a normal size and gets really big.
It was discovered because I make a gurgle sound at times.
It turns out it is just air in there and it is not harmful.
When I eat is where the problem starts and food can get stuck in the enlarged area
and the food just stays there.
It can cause me to throw up or sometimes this can aspirate into my lungs.
I need to be fed soft food & have them made into pea sized meatballs
or like soup only not as thin.
I need to be fed in a special type chair that can be made.
The chair is called a Bailey chair.
I sit up like a person would when I eat and then I have to stay in the chair for 30 min
after I am done eating. You do have to feed me.
This chair has been very successful in giving these dogs like myself a
really good chance at an otherwise normal life.
I do run a higher risk than most other dogs do of aspiration and infection.

The vet said my case was bad and she did several tests to diagnose this
and she also consulted with other specialists.
Sometimes when we grow, it can get better but never cured, but I can improve.

The web site for more information is:

I will need someone that is committed and diligent in my care.
My life depends on your care, otherwise I will become weak, sickly
and I will either die from infection or starvation.
I am a huge responsibility but so full of love to give to anyone who takes me.
I will have to be fed at least 3 times a day for the rest of my life but I will be an incredible blessing to anyone who is willing to save and take good care of me!!!
* We are taking Donations for my Bailey Chair & Vet Care

* Your donation is tax deductible.
* You can send a donation check to * 322 North 105 Street * Seattle, Wash 98133
* OR PayPal on our website at:
* * * Thank you so much, Love, Chowder

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Angel .. Foster number 4!

Angel is the sweetest and the nicest chihuahua you will ever meet. Here is her petfinder page!
She is a darling little girl and is waiting to find a forever home.

She got adopted on Feb 14th.. Wish her the bestest of life!!