Monday, February 28, 2011

Vitamin or Aspirin

Monday is counselling day and I usually get exhausted by the end of the session. I was reading the The Heath Brothers Column in Fast company, the other day and some of the analogies they used for successful books and products applies to counselling as well.

Counselling, esp Psycho-dynamic therapy is like a Vitamin. Vitamins are not necessarily needed and they might not necessarily cure the problems, but they might help the body in a way that the problems either might not happen or might be easier to deal with.

The meds for anxiety are more like aspirin. Aspirin can cure the immediate pain, but cannot solve the source of the problem. Also it might not work for pain all the time..

Gotta do what you can do.. And Eat better and exercise!!. Wheres my protein shake!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

blurb of the day

Vegan to carnivore beside him: " Dude, your burger is a crime scene"...


Conversation with Hubbs
Me: You are so wise babes
Hubbs: Yes I was born that way...

This was after our discussion of how I have the preachy gene. It runs in the family. We can start preaching about each and every topic. You have a problem, we have a solution. A discussion you say, we have our own perspective , which will be vocally told.
On the other hand, we hardly ever practice what we preach, and usually get defensive if preached to.
I know this of myself, so I consciously try not to be as strongly preachy unless I practice it myself. But some things are just difficult to shake off. esp things like having solutions and suggestions to everything even if the other person does not need it. And if someone else does the same thing to me, I get a bit irritated.

Hubbs sez: You should not get irritated about it, unless you stop doing the same to someone else.
I know, working on it .. My wise hubbsy....

Saturday, February 26, 2011

flip flop

Eyes are yucky today and hence the balance is amazingly off on the left..
I am walking like that toy, which transfers its weight to each leg, but one leg is shorter, so it compensates.. flip flop flip flop.. of course i hate the feeling of being so off balance that I might just fall on one side. Usually I stop before that happens. Just sit and stabilize and start again. time to rethink about trying a gandhari...

Morning mess

Green Mung Daal all over the kitchen counters and floor.. bad daal packets.!

Chewie is not interested in the clean up.. good for him. I dont know what the raw daals will do to his tummy!
Clean up and cooking time. Lunch ..Cauliflower and Potatoes with crispy Cilantro tempering and Nigella seeds(Dhania Waale Aloo gobi). Fennel(Saunf) and Nigella seeds(Kalonji) are my current faves to temper most veggies. Tried Brown Rice Dosas yesterday.. turned out decent! Plain white rice is not much fun anymore, too much sudden sugar high.. not fun for me!

I know I sound like a finicky eater.. You would be too if you had deal with jitters coz of the food and nausea pretty much everyday..
Hey, I am sure some of you remember how much cantaloupe(kharbuja) i consumed in the hospital.. probably 2 a day, everyday... eat what works!

why is it

That out of the 12 perfume samples, the one you eventually think you really like and then get the bigger bottle, .. you end up not liking it anymore..

That just when you start packing up the heavy coat and sweaters, theres a snow storm!

That the minute you look away, the tea boils over..:)

Note to self: Hubbs needs a lesson in lentils, types, shapes, names, split, skinless etc etc

Friday, February 25, 2011

singers in the building!

One of our several neighbors recently got some singing game. And every other weekend there is some really bad and loud singing happening.. Its not that audible in the house but sometimes I think they leave their windows or balcony open.. save me from the loud tuneless singing...good lord..

Miss sis's kinect is finally up and running. Now we just have to wait and see how much she uses it ;)

Its sunny and super cold and chewie is sleeping away in the sun with all his feet in the air.
I am super hungry now coz hubbs is late from office and my lunch timing got pushed.. foooooodddd.

Lunch time... Have a great weekend y'all!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snowy Thursday

A bit jittery and depressed today..
Every random friend I look up , I only see their normal, happy and pretty lives. Kids, jobs, vacations..
I should probably stop looking people up:) And not everyone shares the downs if any. Thats what we do best.. Share the joys and hide the suffering.
I should get back to planning my bread and writing to people about pet adoptions and such..! Gotta keep myself occupied even if its not all fun!. One of those days when I have to snap myself out of feeling yuck.. very few of these type of days.. but there are some...

Chewie, come here and give me a hug! I still have this fluffy sleepy hugger and a cute hubbs who will be here to shower me with more hugs soon.. And I am still doing much more than so many people who have the capability to, but choose not to, do some good!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The connection

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." ~ Dr. Seuss

That is what I try to do everyday..
It is me who is dealing with things most cannot understand, and really just asking for a few changes here and there to make me a bit comfortable is not a big deal! I have to be a bit selfish about it, because I dont really get anything by being adjusting and pushing myself to the brink. I just start dreading the situation more, instead of building up a positive experience that I can handle it.

I now have this connection with hubbs, which sometimes can be misinterpreted as him listening to each and every thing that I say.
It is just that we are more attuned to each other, or rather he is to me, because I need him to read me more than he does. If I am uncomfortable about some thing, all I need is a quick one word and he gets exactly what needs to be done.

Some months back I would have these days when I just couldnt talk more than a few words at length. I would be too anxious and would want to just breathe and calm myself down. Talking disrupts my breathing process, if I am deliberately trying to breathe. And just understanding this point ...

My indication to hubbs would be either a volume or a time out word or hand gesture(T) and thats it. but the same conversation with anyone from home would be like
Me: Cant talk right now, give me a few minutes. Timeout
"what do you cant talk. what do u mean time out"
Me: give me a minute
"ok , lets breathe together. But why cant you talk? stop showing me the time out T"
Me: 1 2 3 breathing
"everyone breathes while talking. Why cant u"
Me: T for timeout. I will be fine in another minute.
"Ok, lets eat then"
Me: cant do
"why cant you eat now?"
Me: T
"stop being so anxious"
Me: rolls eyes and begs hubbs to get things to calm down :)

Then later, after a half an hour of explanation, no questions for a few days, and then the questions again. I know it is difficult to accept something which appears so bizarre. The point, it is bizarre for me too. But I cannot question it, I just have to accept it and deal with it... and so does hubbs... and when I cannot communicate/talk... he, is my connection to the world, my passage, my language, of communication..

Brrr.. and WA vs CA

It is cold today.. no snow yet.. and even if it does snow, it wont stick around for more than a few minutes.

I finished up writing to most people on WA CL, pointing them to the breeds, types and other preference pets they wanted. So I moved to CA, mostly LA and orange county right now.

Here are my observations about differences in both the states
- Both WA and CA have a fairly large pet population and an equally high rate of pets being dumped.
- Shelters in LA have upto 500 animals, more puppy mills and just about a big chihuahuas explosion. WA has a variety of breeds in shelters
- Wa is much more tech savvy i.e more people on craigslist and other sites and also more open to adoptions from shelters
- Down south, for some reason people are quite averse to adopting from shelters, even with the high population of pets, more choice and super low adoption fees ($30 for a dog!!). You will never find any shelter or rescue in WA with that low an adoption fee, probably because they are Not as over populated.
- The LA and OC county shelter scene is just down right depressing with huge numbers of crammed up dogs , cats and other critters.
Wish I could do more to reach all those people who do want to adopt in and around CA.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snow in Seattle

It is snowing on and off since the afternoon.. hmm can I wish for some accumulation and a snow day ;)
My blood sugar level goes low every 2 hours because I was eating such less quantities per meal.. all because of the stupid stress. The quantities are slowly getting decent now, but I can still feel the need to eat every few hours, not because I am hungry, but because I know my sugar is going down. I have got to add more protein to my diet! And I still have to figure out how to be calm enough to "eat" when I have visitors. That definitely throws off my eating schedule!

Time to gobble up some freshly cooked Achari Aloo and Yellow Daal Fry!

Snow again?

Thats what the local weather news says.. who knows..
lets wait and watch.

Hubbs thinks that my 7 grey hair are because I am taking my blogs and spamming work too seriously.. hmm...time to chill today i guess ;) And research on some high protein breakfast options.. I cant drink the protein shakes in the morning.. and I am not a fan of tofu in any form.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Found another white hair

thats 7 now.. Hmm looks like I am stressed about some other more defined things:).. or maybe these 7 were always there and I am noticing them now.

When I started my Masters in champaign, a third of my hair turned white after the first semester and some of the hair were half white and half black. I could figure out when the semester has become stressful by the length of the white ones:) I started coloring soon after that, so I dont know if all were ever black again. I did love the highlights and the burgundy browns on me then.

Then post surgery, I had an inch of hair and I dint know when i would be able to color it. But lo and behold, all the hair that grew out was nice jet black. hmm, I guess the education and the job stress is the type that will give you premature grey hair!

My current anxiety since the past 4 years hasnt really changed the hair.. so its definitely the crazy college and job stress!

Time to make some chili green beans and blueberry compote and think up some high protein pancake recipes.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday and my all purpose distractor

Sunny Sunday too! And my eyes are still bothered by the light.. Its all because of the heightened state of stress... All my sensory inputs are edgy and easily bothered.. loud noises, harsh lights, strong smells.. I dont like any of these.

Got a bit depressed at the excessive news about mushers and businesses starving dogs to death.. so i called upon my all purpose distractor .. hubbs... the other some purpose distractor was sleeping away cozily in his tiny den. Hubbs always finds a positive outlook to each situation! and that is just so cool!!

Back to writing blogs and listening to Jennifer Crusie .. to keep my crazy hyper creative head occupied!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sunny Saturday

it is so bright that its hurting my eyes.. yes, thats what happens to seattleites when its gets nice and sunny after a few grey days.

The anniv gift code word "chocolate bread" for sis reached. We actually sent them an xbox+kinect.. i dont think it has sunk in yet. She asked me if we were sure we sent it for them :D

time to get the cleaning started and then later write up on Bringing Fido home series-the first few days on the other blog!

I dont know why I dread the house cleaner so much. Probably coz of the amount of noise involved in the cleaning and it goes on for about 2 hours. I should probably get them to come on random days for just half an hour.. but i dont think it will work very well that way.. uhhh. Just anoher more hour..

Friday, February 18, 2011

Sleeping chew

Started with a sunny day today with some kiddies in the p-patch again.. its grey now but hopefully will clear up by tomorrow!
Chew is sleeping away on the futon in the den, near hubbs desk. He is becoming hubbs dog coz he goes for long runs to the park with him. I m thinking I should adopt a really lazy lap dog for myself.. but I have to keep the spot open for fostering later.
2 dogs is a lot to handle in my small home and 2 hands :)

Weekend plans.. house cleaning.. :) , chewie bath and brush , and drives!
currently listening to Jennifer crusie - Bet me.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Getting a message across

is so difficult if you cannot spend time networking and increasing your reach to similar thinking audience..

produce decent content. but no one might be reading it.
reach out to and read other content, but it takes a while to find the content you really like.
be constantly out there and use all possible means... and you might or might not make much of a difference.

Whatever it may be.. food blogging, beauty gurus, youtube sensations, activists.. everything sure is a big effort.

But The point here is to not get intimidated by the immenseness of the effort.. the point is to start and make an effort.. small one.. tiny one.. any one

Its all about the starfish effect. A person walking along a beach after a big storm. As he walks he stops and picks up starfish that had been washed ashore and tosses them back into the ocean. Another person comes along and says, “Why are you even bothering to do that? There are so many that you’ll never make a difference.” The first person bends down, picks up another one, tosses it to safety and says simply, “It made a difference to that one.” This story is from

Have a great sunny and cheery day u all!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

You know its spring when

there are happily shrieking and yipping tiny kids in the p-patch(community garden) downstairs..

As the weather gets warmer and sunnier.. every wednesday or thursday, a bunch of kids come in a line and then start running around and shrieking in the garden and the lawn! :) they r a bunch of cuties on a sunny day!

I was going through a cousins wedding album who recently got married. All weddings so end up in the Bidayee(sending of the bride) and everyone cries even if they are going next door :) . Thats an indian wedding for ya. I remember my own wedding and I dint cry till I was already in the car and the car started moving away. I think then it hit me, oh god I am married!.. and then i dint stop for 2 days. I have no clue why :) Just the whole event, occasion and people's emotions around you I guess..

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rain and storm

Rain and storm since yesterday here.. Chewie dint want to go out because he was getting blown away .. poor baby..
gotta write up some more recipes.. and do more spamming.. some people do appreciate my suggestions so that is really nice..!
and read up some more food blogs and so on

Monday, February 14, 2011

Adopt a Pet in India!

There is a petfinder to find adoptable dogs in India too.

Not too many cities on it, but its a start.

I'll try make a list of rescues in major cities.!

Cruelty free Options in India

For cruelty free or vegan alternatives to daily use products and foods, restaurants etc please see

More information of new products on the market and discussions can be found on the Indian Vegan facebook page

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Thanks to peeps for visiting

Thanks to Jo Ru Vi Ni and Mo :D

Keep visiting.. it helps to make new neural pathways of happy and positive experiences..
And that relaxing tea did help ;) I am going to keep a good stash in the house!

Time now to listen to some Arcane Society Series book and think up some other breads to bake, blogs to read and plans to make for the week. Good nite.. See you all tomorrow. Have a great Valentines day y'all.

Cruelty free Options in the USofA

Here are some cruelty free and mostly vegan products and brands that we use and some we have tried at home
  • Toothpaste: Toms of Maine, Kiss my Face, Jason
  • Soaps: Hugo Naturals, Burts Bees, Kiss my Face, Toms of Maine, wholefoods local vegan bars
  • Shampoos and Conditioners and hair products: Avalon, Jason, Yes to Carrots, Burts Bees, Organix, Paul Mitchell
  • Face wash, moisturising creams, scrubs: Burts bees, Queen Helene, Beauty without cruelty, Avalon, Jason
  • Cosmetics: Urban Decay, Mary Kay, Afterglow.. complete list here
  • Home Cleaning, Dish, Laundry, Bathroom, Carpet: Method, Seventh Generation.
  • Chewie's grooming: Paul Mitchell. Halo
Whenever you think of getting any of your usual daily use products.. think about chewie or coco, living life in a tiny lab, and high concentrations of products being out in their eyes and on their skin,, till they go blind or die of the pain.

Animal testing is totally obsolete and unnecessary. There are several alternatives like testing in a tiny petri dish of ensure the safety of products. Read about them here. or here

Complete guide to shopping cruelty free

less talking day..

today is one of those days.. when i cannot process much talk.. other peoples talk that is..

no hindi movies today i guess.. too much shouting and too many characters..

arati and all the other budding directors... if you are reading this.. can u stop the hand held camera fad.. i cant watch 95% of the movies coz of the camera movements.. remember all the good old suspense, mystery or action movies.. all were so good without the need to use the camera movement to create the suspense.. was all in the story and the music..! blah!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Alternatives to things like

Circus... a bad place, where wild animals are kept in tiny cages and tortured to do unnatural things..

Go for a safari and see those animals in a natural environment.

Seaworld... and other aquatic parks.. same as circuses. Can u imagine having just 50 sq ft to live in all your life..

Go for whale and dolphin tours.. You will see the same tricks.. but in a happy and free big ocean.

Snake charmers.... snakes taken out of their natural habitat every year, and their teeth yanked out.. and they eventually die a slow death or end up as handbags.

Go to florida everglades.. There are enough snakes, gators and other reptiles to last you a lifetime of reptilian watching pleasure.

The Cost in most cases will be the same for the alternatives to us..
But the cost to the animals is way different...

Last year this month

I was fostering pretty much non stop. We had another dog in the house with only a week's break between 2 fosters.. Every weekend we would be at adoption events scattered to about 30 miles away and for all afternoon. Most of the fosters got adopted in 2-3 weeks. Last year this month, I was running behind fosters who got out of their collars, dealing with excessive humping and dogs pooping in my coat pocket.

Last year this month, we were also going for short hikes(super short hikes) but they were hikes .. pretty, green and fun.

Last year this month I was reading about dog training and behavioral issues, sometimes attending orientations, and planning some dog behavior training classes..

This year this month... i am still stuck in seattle. My driving radius is 4-5 miles. Though I am a bit calmer and finding some thing that work.. It still sucks to see the graph..

Oh well.. there will always be random crap here and there. Gotta deal with it and keep moving forward..
I still have the same loving hubby from last year this month.. same fluffballl chew, who is probably a bit more spoilt this year.. same cozy house and some nice fresh breads! some other things to do, the spamming and spreading the adoption word, a new blog.. and some slow plans towards a calmer, meaningful life!

Friday, February 11, 2011

High protein Diet

ahh well.. my naturopath made me write up a diet diary for 10 days, analysed it and told me to double my protein in my current diet... everything else is fine.. just the protein to carb ratio is a bit low.. so i have got to stuff some tofu down my non tofu liking throat..

oh well.. i think i like beans, nuts, cheese and quinoa better. Will just eat more of all that.

I also have to increase b-12 intake..

I dont know if he is just throwing around a bunch of ideas or there is more to it. But some extra protein and vitamins is much better than trying 10 other meds and their side effects!

Gotta increase my appetite first.. the stress takes almost all of it away..

frigid friday

it was cold in the morning today.. getting warmer now..

trying to decide if I want to call my house cleaner tomorrow or not.. its like a day thing, she comes and makes a bunch of noise.. all the hurry to finish up.. the house is usually inaccessible for the 2 hours.. and it just not fun.
Though I love the eventual outcome of the nice deep cleaning of each and every corner of the house.. I definitely have to find a way to get more comfortable with the whole event.

And mostly I dont feel like doing anything else on the day of the cleaning, coz it is soo stressful already and i like the weekend to be nice and light..
oh well.. small things i have to deal with.. which might not even register on a normal persons schedule.. almost like background noise... not so for me..

on a good note.. Yayy its friday.. weekend almost here...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

curl up and sleep

one of those days when I dont want to put up a brave front and just curl up and sleep hopefully with hubbs warmth besides me..

hubbs is quite warmed up though after his recent heated meeting..:)

The funniest ever conversation was between hubbs and my dad some time back. They both had different points and were explaining it exactly the same way again and again. After about 4 times I said, either one of you agree to the other, or use a different path or explanation ..:D

eyes still sandy.. but i m so bored of just listening to the current book....

Made some chocolate cashews (&oats) cup cakes... shh dont tell hubbs.. there r oats in them...

blah eyes

another day of crazy congestion.. and bad shadowy vision eyes and blah balance..
more book listening today..
i love the sun.. but i hate the seasonal blah coz of the sudden change from dreary grey to bright sun and then back again.. i should either move to alaska or to the tropics..with mostly the same weather all through the year.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Too much typing

on the laptop, i think is causing the pain in my left hand.. time to set up a better arrangement if i am going to be typing so much..
sunny wednesday... and sis wants me to send her my chocolate bread with a friend travelling back.. so gotta make one!

back to listening to Marcia Muller's sharon mccone series...

Tuesday, February 08, 2011


6 in every 1000 americans is war vet. 1 in every 5 of them has gone through severe post traumatic disorder.
Why do some people get it and some dont? Its just the way our brains are wired, some genetics, other circumstances before and after, family support, other stresses ..

My counselor thinks, that I have to revisit my traumas and stresses and accept them and I keep oscillating between if I really want to or just move forward. There are several ways to deal with and get over anxiety. I dont know what will work for me in long term. So the quest continues and trials and errors and some peaks and some troughs..

Whats working - Keeping myself occupied, exercise, breathing and tai chi right now..

Monday, February 07, 2011

Get back to work.. but what?

Every few months, there will be friends I will get in touch with after a long time, and the first thing most want to know is when I will get back to work.. quite an innocuous question, since most dont know what i have been upto.. but..

What work really.. I have quit software a long time ago because of several reasons like my eyes' limited capability to stare at a monitor for hours and a general loss of passion for it.

And to be able to keep myself motivated to do something else, I really need to be passionate about it.
When I started baking, my eyes would give up after a few days, or my stamina wouldnt let me do the kneading required, but i kept going, with breaks and bad dizzy spells and all.

I started fostering, and with the first dog, after a few days, I crashed again, energy and eyes. But i knew from experience that a day or 2 rest and i can be back at it again. And so it went.

I cant force myself to work s/w or some other random job and deal with the balance issues, eyes, dizzyness and so on, if there is no motivation. because I need that motivation, that passion to be able to deal with the problems the job can cause or increase. Just think about it, if you cannot sit in a boat for more than a minute, will you take the job as a boat operator? Unless, you really really love water and boats.

thats just the way it is..

Me the spammer..

Well not really..

I have taken to writing to wanted ads on CL and other places pointing them to rescues and their preferred types of dogs and cats near them.

When initially i told hubbs about it, he I can just send them the petfinder main link, but after going thru the nanny interviewing process I have realized that everyone is not that net savvy and even if they are, it is a not a intuitive process for everyone to figure out a site like petfinder and a bit of a time consuming process to search on

So I send them the links with the searches, or sometimes the rescue pages and specific dog links as well.

Out of 20 mails I send, i get about 6-7 replies back and 4-5 of them are always nice and mention how they did not know about it and how it is nice to know about the rescues. And that definitely makes my day. Of course, there are always some who are rude and do not like the free advice.. but thats part of the job.

Its a sunny day today and now I am back to writing up mails and trying to optimize the whole process. After all I do have some s/w roots which automatically try to automate or optimize repetitive things ...

Also, most foster programs these days require you to foster dogs only for 2-3 weeks. Let me know if anyone is interested in fostering and i can point you to the rescue that will work for you.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Friday again!.

Friday is always a fun day.. coz its right before a weekend!

Its quite grey out today.. and chewie is as usual sleeping snuggly on the comforter.

I finished updating the food blog and the pet blog and finished writing to wanted pets craiglist ads for the day..

Time for some exercise, chewie play and tiramisu!

And for peeps who are wondering how hubbs understands the compassionate side.. its all because of chewie. The cute fluffball. Can you imagine his cuteness being shut in a tiny cage, kicked and not cared for, killed and eaten, or skinned alive for his soft fur? , or put in a lab to test stupid products on his eyes, hair and all over outside and inside his body? Puts things in perspective, doesn't it !

Thursday, February 03, 2011


Got some flowers.. red tulip and purple iris from Hubbs parents and family!
Got some tiramisu cake and cheesecake from my family!

We were going to head to Isadora Vintage jewelers in Pike place when the car died..
So we got a new battery for the car!

Now time to make some methi aloo and methi malai paneer mutter!

Hope u all are having a fun day.

Celebration or not..

This last year, I have started dreading birthday and anniversaries.. why?..
coz a. you dont really need any gifts really apart from good health and good life..
b. Anyone who wishes u automatically asks about anything special you are doing that day.. and for me special is just chilling and doing whatever I want, not really going out to celebrate or shop, coz I am not comfortable doing all that yet.

So if nothing, then we just donate the gift money and shop online ;)

So we are sponsoring Ernesto , a senior Pug at Old Dog Haven ! He is a the bottom of the Final Refuge page.

Got CupCake Royale cupcakes delivered inthe morning and now getting a Kinect for Hubbs!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

A day to go..

for the anniversary... Celebrating 6 years together.. Lots of love coming your way hubbs... you are the sweetest and the bestest...

It was a sunny day today.. started with some chocolate chip multigrain pancakes.. I think morning i the only time actually like chocolate...

The things i miss in this house .. is a sound proof room.. :)

The things generally miss the most.. driving and heels..
I know they sound like a bit unimportant in the bigger picture of what all I can and cannot do right now. But the point is, that if I can walk in heels and drive myself.., it means there would be so many other things I would already be doing.. and I will be on the way to life I can call somewhat normal..

random thoughts and the rambling for the day..

The journey

We have obviously established that there is a bit of PTSD responsible for the return of my anxiety.

It is quite obvious to me too that someone who suddenly has to go from extremely independent and in control to a almost completely dependent and in no control at all, will have some problem dealing with the change.

But I did deal with it in between very well for 2 years, then why did things go south again. I am hoping to find a permanent solution to things this time and not just letting time heal...

Moving forward and forgetting about things does help, but is not a permanent thing... Stuff always comes back in different shapes and forms and I need to be able to deal with it..

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

A state of being

Being a Compassionate human being or Vegan is not really activism, aggression, fanaticism or shoving ideals down your own and everyone else's throat.

It is just a state of being, a state of consciously making a choice, a state of knowing. As human beings, we have been endowed with this complex and unlimited capacity brain and we use only a part of it.

It takes some time to transition into the compassionate state, but once you are there, things just fall into place. If I stop at every automatic action for a few seconds and think about how that action affects anyone or any living things and then make a decision, that decision will inevitably be compassionate.

Every house cleaning supply automatically picked up at the grocery store.. a stop of a few seconds, and you will look for the kind to animals and the environment options. That one stop, just once..
The diamond ring I want, I stop for a few seconds and I started looking for vintage and recycled options.., who wants to wear a blood diamond on their body! .. That stop.. just once...

A stop.. just once.. a thought.. for a few seconds.. and a state of being..