Wednesday, February 02, 2011

A day to go..

for the anniversary... Celebrating 6 years together.. Lots of love coming your way hubbs... you are the sweetest and the bestest...

It was a sunny day today.. started with some chocolate chip multigrain pancakes.. I think morning i the only time actually like chocolate...

The things i miss in this house .. is a sound proof room.. :)

The things generally miss the most.. driving and heels..
I know they sound like a bit unimportant in the bigger picture of what all I can and cannot do right now. But the point is, that if I can walk in heels and drive myself.., it means there would be so many other things I would already be doing.. and I will be on the way to life I can call somewhat normal..

random thoughts and the rambling for the day..


  1. Happy wedding anniversary and wish you many more wonderful years together :)

  2. happy anniversary to you too .. looking fwd to many more years to come .. lov ya.