Monday, February 21, 2011

Found another white hair

thats 7 now.. Hmm looks like I am stressed about some other more defined things:).. or maybe these 7 were always there and I am noticing them now.

When I started my Masters in champaign, a third of my hair turned white after the first semester and some of the hair were half white and half black. I could figure out when the semester has become stressful by the length of the white ones:) I started coloring soon after that, so I dont know if all were ever black again. I did love the highlights and the burgundy browns on me then.

Then post surgery, I had an inch of hair and I dint know when i would be able to color it. But lo and behold, all the hair that grew out was nice jet black. hmm, I guess the education and the job stress is the type that will give you premature grey hair!

My current anxiety since the past 4 years hasnt really changed the hair.. so its definitely the crazy college and job stress!

Time to make some chili green beans and blueberry compote and think up some high protein pancake recipes.

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