Thursday, August 21, 2008

Chewie and shopping

Chewie got some more new stuff. We got him a detangling spray..( he has tons of hair which gets tangled too often) and toothpaste/toothbrush( his mouth starts stinking once in a while and we want him to smell fresh when cuddled which he is 80% of the day)

He is also getting quite vocal these days and he gets upset if you dont respond. Its like the stage when kids just start speaking and it is hard to understand them, and they get upset if you dont.

I can understand 3 of his barks
1. the hungry bark- he has a peculiar low bark when he wants something to eat or drink
2. the announcement bark- he has a howlly bark when he thinks someone is at the door. and that he thinks quite often, for any sound outside the door on my floor.
3. the irritated bark- he has an angry bark when he gets irritated for any reason like
- i am hungry, why isnt anyone giving me food
- i am bored, why arent you playing with me
- someone is at the door, why are you guys still sleeping :) wake up wake up wake up!

Shopping online is quite addicting. Probably coz i am sitting in my bed, browsing and looking for deals and then ordering things. I end up buying more things than needed. :)

I probably shopped 1 or 2 times online when i was working at Amazon. Now I am usually ordering things every month. I am also planning to try out amazonfresh for my groceries. I guess electricity for using the laptop to shop, is cheaper than the gas to drive to the shops.:) Well the gas is getting guzzled by the delivery vehicles if not by us. But i hope they have lots of packages to split the cost:)

I also have to figure out some hairstyles to help me hide the incision and the bald spots now, since my hair is long enough. Maybe some comb over tips from Trump!

Today, Chewie and I are also angry with Daddy for adding some new scratches to our beautiful TL. I guess the garage people should paint the cement poles Red!!! and add some cushioning as well.