Sunday, February 27, 2011


Conversation with Hubbs
Me: You are so wise babes
Hubbs: Yes I was born that way...

This was after our discussion of how I have the preachy gene. It runs in the family. We can start preaching about each and every topic. You have a problem, we have a solution. A discussion you say, we have our own perspective , which will be vocally told.
On the other hand, we hardly ever practice what we preach, and usually get defensive if preached to.
I know this of myself, so I consciously try not to be as strongly preachy unless I practice it myself. But some things are just difficult to shake off. esp things like having solutions and suggestions to everything even if the other person does not need it. And if someone else does the same thing to me, I get a bit irritated.

Hubbs sez: You should not get irritated about it, unless you stop doing the same to someone else.
I know, working on it .. My wise hubbsy....

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