Thursday, January 27, 2011

Foggy Thursday..

Woke up late to a fog here in a seattle. And my mind was also foggy. I usually am in a bad mood if i dont get good sleep in the night.. And thats how last night was. I have no clue why.

And then the stupid fire alarm testing started. The test was supposed to be only in the lobby, but started in the house too. I made hubbs call the concierge to check, coz i would have blasted his ears for the morning annoyance. and sure it was a mistake.. as usual!

Now the rest of the day finally starts.. write up the pet of the day   and bringing Fido home series on my other blog. Read up posts from my foodie blog roll. a lot of breads and some amazing new dishes. Facebook, twitter, news... youtube videos.. recipes.. exercises..

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