Sunday, January 30, 2011

Clean self ;)

After a clean house.. its clean self day today.. honey had a long overdue hair cut.. and now a shave.. amazingly he gets irritated by his beard much earlier than I start noticing the shagginess!. Apparently he cant take the itch and the heat!

Met Oscar, the neurotic norfolk terrier on our floor yesterday.. he is like a constantly jumping thing on a trampoline.. hes got so much energy! And the 1 year old kid he lives with has started following his energetic behavior.. the cute plump bundle lets out a shriek of happiness whenever oscar jumps and yips. And that oscar does non stop to get your attention.. jumping and yipping.. and a shriek of joy from the baby,.. then some more jumping and yipping.. Brings a smile to your face..

And also the thought that man, I do not have that kind of energy to deal with 2 yipping bundles of cuteness. :)

We'll get there some day and then have our own yipping cuties!

Time to make some baghare baingan !

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