Sunday, January 23, 2011

Taking a weekend off!

I took this weekend off from all my regular plans and things to do or try. Most days esp weekends usually end up getting filled with some or the other plans.
No not really any big plans like normal people. No big parties.. no long drives:)

Plans for me are just simple things like being able to go for a drive and increase the radius by a couple of blocks, or be able to go to the grocery store and get something, or be able to walk chewie more than 2 blocks, or be able to have people over. All the things that you never ever think about because they are just a natural schedule, become a big thing for me to handle.

So until we can figure out whats causing all the crazy anxiety.. its small steps to get used to each and every small thing.. small steps to get back to a semblance of a normal life.

Its so difficult to take the weekend off and do nothing, because obviously I do nothing most of the other days as well. But what I now know about myself  is that The person who is the hardest on me, is myself. I apparently expect too much out of myself. I better give myself a break. As breaks are quite refreshing.

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