Sunday, January 23, 2011

Money, money, money

is the one thing that make me super uncomfortable.. I just cannot deal with money issues..

That is probably a big reason why I married a Marwari.:):) He takes care of the numbers!

Where the numbers are coming from, where they are headed, where to save, what to manage..
People defining you by how much you get home, relatives and friends envy or pity, fights, yours and mine..
the world just keeps revolving around it..
Its understandable in a way, because a lot of us come from a background of hard work, limited spending and limited privileges. But when it becomes an obsession, to get more and more,  its just not right.

I think i have a phobia of this obsession. I have seen too many obsessed people who cannot think logically and prioritize the important things..

There is so much more to life and happiness..

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