Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow here and gone..

It snowed all evening and part of the night yesterday.

I usually like the snow, but the last time it snowed in seattle, life just got stuck for 3 days. Ice on the roads, traffic snarls, people stuck for 10 hours on highways.. Not a happy event to remember.

Nowadays the first hour of snow brings in happiness and beauty of the flurries.. and then the only thing i can think about is how seattle is so ill equipped to handle it. I cant imagine hubbs driving on the slick roads filled with inexperienced drivers.. or getting stuck somewhere and me all alone. He is my safe person. I should probably train a couple more people to be the safe persons...

Luckily, its warm in the morning today and all of the snow is turning into slush.

And we are also going to try some yoga and Tai chi. Soon we will be talking in holistic and therapeutic and yoga jargon!

Sometimes I think, the quest to find answers is like someone trying to stay afloat in the ocean surrounded by dispersed hay, and then grabbing at each of the straws in the hope to make a boat someday!.