Thursday, January 20, 2011

6 pm on a thursday

I am trying to keep myself occupied these days.. So people might keep getting disturbed on chat:)

Reading up. writing on all 3 of my blogs, thinking of things to write, thinking of things to bake. and so on.

Its a grey day again today.. who am I kidding.. Seattle has more than 300 grey and or rainy days! bleh.

Listening to Jayne Anne Krentz- Truth or Dare today.  and baking some russet potatoes..

Walked chewie in the cold and now my balance is off.. another bleh.. these random changes in weather just dont gel well with my sinuses. Time to move to Alaska or CA with mostly the same temperatures all year round!

I tried to watch Idol yesterday. but my nerves are too edgy to deal with the really bad singers.. I'll wait till they have the final good ones...

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