Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sunny Wednesday

Its sunny in seattle today. I am sounding like a weather blog!
A big Yay for Mom and Dad taking time to read my blogs.. though most of it is such blabber that they probably think that I am going nuts :D:D

I realized some days back that I get too aggressive when I talk about topics that I am passionate about.  And I want to blabber a whole big deluge on information onto anyone who is listening.. Cant help it.. Sometimes people just have not been given that kind of information. So its difficult to just stop and prioritize what message you want the person to get, instead of the message just getting lost in the humongous amounts of blabber.  
Its quite a difficult challenge for sure.. Thats why a lot of the very passionate activists end up getting a bad name. We all have that passion, but not everyone understands our point of view. So we have to stop and think as the other person and then give them more than one reason to agree with our thinking.. phew..

Oh yeah, If you do encounter me in one of the information explosion modes, wait for a few minutes.. I will be back to normal and logical speaking in a few .:):)
Thats one thing we both have, hubbs also has information explosions in his head and only some of it gets out, when I get the explosion, most of it gets out, but I get too hyper in the process. In both cases, I think the main point does not always get across!

My passions..
Please dont buy or breed pets, while shelter pets die. 6-8 million pets are euthanized each year. Thats more than 20,000 per day!
Be kind, whether it is food or anything that you use, look for things that have not caused pain and suffering to anyone in the process of getting to you.

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