Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Maybe Sun does matter!

It sunny here in Seattle today..

Yesterday was a horridly grey day after a number of grey and rainy days.. And I was ready to snap at anything. One of those days when you get irritated or frustrated at just about anything and want to break something!:)

I remember once trying to bread an old chipped plate by throwing it in the garbage bin. Yeah coz who will clean up the mess if i throw on the floor:D. It dint break. I tried 3 times. Then I gave up, and my irritation had disappeared by then!

Today, I woke up in a surly mood because my sleep was disturbed. But the sun is shining now and the mood is slowly getting better!

Why is it a good day. Coz I got some extra hugs from hubbs in the morning... or coz its sunny.. either way.. lets hope it stays this way!

Gotta make a blueberry orange Bread today... I had some wrist pain yesterday, probably coz of too much typing on the laptop.. :) trying to rest it today .. lets see..

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