Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Look at the positives!

Is such a difficult thing. People like me, need to constantly find something positive, to motivate them to get out of the funk. And what do I do? I read a piece of news about some person or animals getting hurt or abused somewhere and get upset and back into the funk.

Isn't it amazing how everything we humans do whether in the name of entertainment, fun, romanticism or beauty.. always hurts someone else...

So either I shut down my hyper feelers and use ignorance and out of sight out of mind to just see all the happy stuff in the world .... to self.. hello .. probably quite  impossible.

Or Use that to motivate myself to make some small efforts to help some of those who are hurt. And I know there are a lot of us out there, constantly striving to make a change, find ways, to reduce the hurt and the pain. That is what is a much bigger motivation. I know of these hurts, because someone found out about them, someone made an effort to get them out there, someone started a small movement to find solutions and alternatives, someone like you and me questioned it.

We, with our big brains, cannot claim ignorance and live in our own bliss. We, will have to reply to our own heart some day. That day, will you be at peace with yourself?


  1. Wow. Keep it up. Inspired

  2. Many thanks for expressing. Simple and very easy to recognize. Done well!