Monday, January 24, 2011

Decisions decisions

Its raining again.. and I keep getting doubts about my counselor. Sometimes we are just on such a different page, that we are not even on the same book.

Will think about that a couple more weeks down the line. Gotta get my PCP appointment done and out of the way.. then we will have some holistic Yoga sessions...  Ooommmmmm.. :)

Oh well, the breathing exercises do help to calm you down. Regular breathing exercises also help with the allergies. At least they do help me. Otherwise the sinus congestion and headaches are just bad!
The irony of the situation is, mom taught me all the exercises and mom and sis were doing it then and would badger me into doing it. Now they have all become lazy about it and I keep telling them to pick it up! :D

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  1. Both of us are still doing the breathing exercises. Mom's physiotherapist calls her for the pranayam sessions and I am doing at home (tho not everyday :( )