Sunday, January 02, 2011

Green Tea, GABA and nannies

So what have we been upto these days..

We tried Homeopathy for 2-3 months (july-sept) .. we've been on a constant quest to find alternative treatments. And we are now trying Naturopathy.. Green Tea, Kava, vit b-12 shots anyone?

Green tea helps in the formation of GABA which is responsible for creating calming electrical impulses in the brain. You can read up more on links found on any search engine.. so well dope on a lot of green tea. Lots of whole grains , beans and nuts too with all the GABA, vit-12 and omega-3 fatty acids.. all necessary for a calming balance!

The sudden turn of events started up in May when I had my 3 year MRI. Everything is clear.. Yayy for that!.. But I think the break from docs and all the progress and confidence from a great 2009 hit this wall of reality and fell off a cliff because all the memories came trotting back happily into my head.. Damn them! and bam Panic disorder!

But eventually this i something that needs to be handled, and better now than later in life!

We also have been looking and trying out nannies, to just have someone else present with me in the house. Its like trying to find a hubby for an arranged marriage.. A few minutes of one meeting or a few meetings to decide if we both are compatible or not and if the Nanny's presence gels with the energy of the house! We found some really sweet people who genuinely are nice and want to help and some unreadable and creepy ones too. But thats life!

Time for a shot of green tea!