Tuesday, January 11, 2011

An old friend and a thick headed brother!

Just connected with a really old friend today. Catching up on old times!

I always wonder why we women dont have these set of old friends, who we can connect with any time after any number of years and continue on. I think we girls end up moving here and there and get scattered after weddings and eventually settle and have to come up with a new set of friends.

And whoever came up with "You cant fix stupid" is a genius. Yes, that's you younger bro.

I have to learn to not be bothered by people who just dont want to open their minds to certain things!. I am too sensitive a person(twing, sudden understanding of self!) and too passionate about some things. (twing 2).

I am so much better than sooo many people :) My happy thought of the day for myself! Note to self: Keep it up!

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