Monday, January 17, 2011

Another week another session!

Monday today!

I started working on the new blog this weekend. Most ideas I get, either require a lot of work out of my comfort zone, or I lose the passion behind the idea really quickly. Lets see how long this one continues. The new blog is . It is currently a collection of points to go through before adopting a pet, points to help you choose the right pet and then prepare your home and family for the care and a lovely life together!

Now heading to another session with the counselor, who has some weird belief that something happened to me when I was an infant or still in the womb.. hmm.. maybe i should get a different one.. i dont understand psychology anyway. Another thing I dont like about her is how she keeps trying to associate my progress with what I do in the sessions for every small thing. I think thats the problem with psychoanalysis. They want you to stick to them for years to introspect and alter your personality....

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