Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My ringgg

Conversation with hubbs
Hubbs: I am feeling so bad about hitting the pole and destroying the back lights of the car...
Me: Its alrite babes
Hubbs: I keep hitting something or the other.. the car is a mess
Me: I know.. thats why we should go to the cheaper fix shop Maaco.. coz u will scratch the car again in a month anyway..:))
Hubbs: How can i be so bad at parking.
Me: Its alrite sweets.. You are too engrossed in work problems and too overconfident about your parking skills..
Hubbs: Wow.. precise points, is it.
Me: And I got my ring today, so I cant yell at ya.. dont worry, its just a car :):).. Did u see my pretty ring.. here, look at it again..:)) love ya sweetpea!

Conflict free or recycled diamonds.
(, Brilliant