Wednesday, March 02, 2011

morning conversations

Hubbs " Chewie, did you eat your food"
Me "Yes"
Hubbs " Chewie, did you eat your almond"
Me "Yes, dont give him another one, he will get fat"
Hubbs "Time for your walk, Are you wearing your harness, chewie"
Me " No Its near his crate , or on the bed"
Hubbs "Chewie, where are you, lets go"
Me "He is sitting here waiting for me to finish breakfast, just in case I drop something"

Reading some dog blogs and trying to get out of funk caused by the perennially grey weather! I should seriously move out of Seattle when I am able to travel far!!


  1. right. why do u always speak on his behalf. let him talk. - viv

  2. Richa...Come to CA. We'll have lots of fun and food :)