Friday, March 11, 2011


I cannot watch any movie anymore..!!. All movies these days have cameramen walking or running with the camera.. hey what happened to all the stable camera stands and rails... which already exist in each and every studio.
all movies have too much random loud noise.. even the regular family or romance ones will have some tracks which crop out of nowhere and are usually jarring to the ears, coz the music volume is usually higher than the normal speaking volume.., its a family movie, no one needs to be scared out of their pants by the sound track... with so much technology out there, i still have to resort to volume control every few minutes.
Even the hindi movies are getting crappier and crappier.. the usual song and dance ones which i can possibly watch, are made sooo bad, with such bad stories and bad acting, that I cannot subject myself to the indignity of watching a product like that.

I am sticking to watching local news, because the bigger news channels also fancy the crazy camera movements zooming into the nicely seated news correspondents.. hello.. that guy is sitting.. on a chair.. in a building.. we are not inside a hurricane..
I dont need no cable anymore!. And if anyone throws any more movies at me with unnecessarily added 3-D, i am going to start a petition against the reckless and wanton use of technologies like 3-d, computer generated video gamy stuff etc etc..
One good movie(Avatar, which I couldnt watch once the blue things started hopping in the video game world) does not justify 3-ding the normal nice animated movies or anything for that matter,,, 3D Harry potter or Breaking Dawn.. oh for crying out loud..
oh apple came out with a sleek iphone.!. sure we'll come out with a similar looking sleek thingamajig.. only this is just a phone, and it doesnt even work very well for normal phone calls.. just riding the current in thing train to nowhere...

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