Sunday, March 13, 2011

is it just me

who gets so affected by all the problems in the world.. maybe i am just wired to be super emotional.. probably should short some of those wires.
I was just reading an article about what happens to cows in India and how lopsided our views are about it.
I got majorly depressed about so many bull calves slowly starving to death right in front of their mothers. Thats India for you, most people consider active killing of cows a sin.!
I started discussing it with Hubbs, and as he is the one who usually gets my practical and logical brain to work instead of just getting depressed and giving up, we started thinking about the problem.

People are not going to turn vegan overnight and affect the demand for milk enough, and the religious views are also not going to change anytime soon, so there will still be working female cows and starving bulls for a long time.
The state of the bull calves is the most depressing. What about someone helping with being able to sell these bulls to the farmers who need them in rural areas? There has to be demand for bulls somewhere.
It might not be the most ideal life for the bulls, but still better than slowly starving to death.
Still thinking of other solutions and ideas.... and if someone is already doing something about it, do drop a line about it ...


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