Saturday, April 02, 2011


One of the most frequent questions(after going over the usual frequent ones) that crop up in why vegan argument is about the bugs. Why do dogs have more care and abuse rights than chicken.. and why do chicken have more rights that bugs. I mean who ever thinks twice before squashing a bug. So when we really can kill a living thing without a though, how does it matter that a living thing is getting killed for food?

Here is what I think . In the wild, carnivores like lions, tigers also kill their prey, and if you watch national geographic, you know that the whole process of stalking and killing looks like a very cruel and painful slaughter. But the carnivores cannot survive without that food, and the animals that get killed had a normal, natural life in the wild, till they were killed.

Applying the same argument to bugs/ticks/fleas/mosquitoes, that they had some natural life before the infestation became a problem and they had to be killed.

Humans being omnivores though do have a choice. For their carnivore self, if they can simulate a somewhat natural life of the animal, before they slaughter it, then eating meat would seem more acceptable. But the problem is, that even in organic and humane farms, the life of the hens,cows,goats is far from natural and enjoyable, with only limited access to sunlight, perches, space and green pastures to roam and such. And there is no way to guarantee that the animals had a decent and not miserable life before the slaughter. This is one of the reasons a lot of us are going vegan. Because there are very very few ways to ensure the kindness in the meat or dairy industry.

Veganism really, is not extremism, it is about being aware and kind. Being aware of what goes on in each product you consume, being Kind to the animals, kind to the people, being aware of the options, and making good choices for yourself. being kind to yourself, your health, your environment, your earth.


  1. Its a question of survival and self defense.

    Man can survive without eating an animal.

    Carnivorous animal survives on other animals.

    Human kills mosquitoes in order to defend himself from a possible bite(self defence).

  2. that is another way to look at it and it works!