Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Ignorance is bliss.. I'd really not want to know about the brutalities some people commit on animals and other people.. raping and killing dog in Turkey.. really..

Just one of the days when I wonder, if my slowly increasing tolerance to reading is being used well.
I definitely do need to find some other work. Baking and cooking is not as adventurous right now because my palate is not as happy with too many changes or new things. And the innovative ideas with some little twists which I can handle are quite limited. There are just so many blogs and recipes and data out there, that sometimes sifting through all to find the ones with similar interest is a very time consuming process. Of course, I can pick up something, which will let me have only limited time to indulge in my other interests and hence optimize and choose what I do want to read and know about. But finding one that will keep me interested enough to keep putting in the effort everyday.. is a different ballgame altogether... Software and anything stressful and excessively computer centric , it out of the picture.
My mom would say... adopt a baby.. coz i cant possibly think of having one right now.. well no can do, until i can care for chewie and then some fosters all by myself.. I have like a tenth energy of a normal person.. probably lesser than that.. and a quarter of chewie's.. For every half an hour in the kitchen i have to take one or two 5 minute rest breaks.. dont think this much energy can get me anywhere close to taking care of a kid....

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