Friday, March 25, 2011

Sunny Friday

Its a sunny Friday.. Though the weather prediction for the evening and the next 7 days is showers with some sun breaks.. Atleast today Friday is sunny!.

The usual day. writing to people who want pets and pointing them to the rescues near them with clear information about the dogs they want. Some of the CA peeps are just weird.. they'd rather get an unfixed and unhealthy puppy from a pet store(puppy mill) , so they can start young and also have one litter before fixing the dog, so their kids can see the miracle of birth.. jeez.. adopt a pregnant dog or cat from the shelter! esp since in CA the kill rates are as high as 60%. and shelters are overflowing with 500s of pets.. not just 10s or 20s.

Reading up on recipes too. This whole week went in a lot of soups and cooking every few hours... Sick hubbs=lots of food:). Thinking of what to do with the leftover feta cheese.. hmm .. i know chewie.. you are always there to finish it.
I feel really bad wasting milk or cheese, because as it is, we are privileged to be eating dairy and though the dairy products in this house are from local and certified humane farms, mostly happy cows.. but still it is a part of the milk which was produced for the calves.. So if the cheese if going to go bad and not consumed, i freeze it in icecubes for chew.

Chewie by the way has his own facebook page, which I recently upgraded with his bip, pictures and videos.. Check his musings out at

Have a great weekend everyone!

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