Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Getting overrun by all the horrendous stuff human beings can do... starving their pets, beating them as their personal frustration boxing bags everyday, pretty much nasty and nastier stuff.

In my subscriptions to 40 odd food sites, 20 odd fashion gurus and sites, 10 odd architecture ones and 15 odd animal rescues/blogs.. I get 90% animal and pet news and 90% of that is bad with a very few happy stories thrown in between.
I mean comeon, foodies and fashion peeps are not producing enough content! So I am back to adding some more food and fashion and some random news subscriptions/fan pages to my daily reading to balance out the content....phew.. sometimes I think I was better off not reading.. but thats not gotten anyone anywhere.. giving up on something you can possibly do.. Its an eye workout for sure!

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