Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Thinking about people who follow their hearts!

This one is a shout out to people , who stopped what they were doing, figured out what their hearts wanted and started on that path!

Anu, who traded her 6 years of software career to do something about her love for animals, ..who now is a groomer and a future veterinarian( she will be amazing at it)... who rescues strays and finds them great homes!

Arati, who traded her s/w career to go to Whistling woods and now is ready to churn out some intellectual, intriguing and great cinema!

My relatives, Preeti Maasi and my cousin Arijay, who care for the strays in their locality, give them a healthy life, get them fixed so they cannot produce more strays with diseases and who do some other great things that I do not even know of!

To all the people out there, who stop to think and figure out ways to take some time out, to volunteer for causes they care for, who run, swim, bike, climb or do anything to raise cause awareness and to you and everyone else.

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  1. and to you who keeps pushing for kind living, starting at our home and lives and then outwards ..